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Business & Investor Visas

Business Visitor Visa

With this visa you can visit New Zealand for business reasons and study for up to 3 months.

Entrepreneur Work Visa

This 2 stage visa allows you to establish and work in your own business in New Zealand for up to 3
years in total. The requirement of a minimum capital i
nvestment of NZ$100,000 applies unless it is


Entrepreneur Residence Visa

Holders of a Entrepreneur Work Visa who have successfully established a business in New
Zealand may transition to an Entrepreneur Residence Visa after 6 months
if you have been self-
employed or after 2 years if you have operated a self employed business on another visa.


Active Investor Plus and Parent Retirement Residence Visa

These will only be granted if the investor invests his/her money in what is deemed by the
government to be an acceptable investment.

Please get in touch or complete our "Do You Qualify" form and we can provide further advice on which visa will be most suitable for your situation.

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