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Please get a points assessment if you want to know what your long term residency prospects in New Zealand are.  These are far more tricky than they sound as there are so many variables involved.  Depending on the complexity of your particular situation we may or may not charge for these. The assessment includes recommendations as to how to acquire additional points if required.  We start with your end goal in sight - residency and then work backwards to work out the unique you need to travel to reach that destination. 


We have intentionally kept our overheads low in order to make our services more affordable – specifically with the South African market and their dwindling Rands in mind. Please email for this information which is too sensitive to display publicly.  


Our fees are amongst the most competitive in the industry without in any way compromising the quality of our service to you as testified to by our phenomenal success rate to date.


Get in touch with us at and we can send you our fees.



Please note that in addition to fees due to us (Immigration Enzed is a private consultancy) Immigration New Zealand government fees also apply. Other costs that would be extra include courier charges, qualification assessment fees, professional registration, the purchasing of tuition, official translations etc.



To protect our clients we charge incrementally for our services. Once you have entered into a service agreement with us we charge a nominal fee for the list we send you of supporting documents required and for the equivalent of an extensive consultation. You are only required to make payment on receiving an invoice from us.  Please note all government fees (third party disbursements) are payable via credit card direct to Immigration New Zealand at the time of lodgement your application.



Account name:  Immigration Enzed
ANZ Bank: 06 0541 0533 80302

Swift Code: ANZBNZ22 - off shore payments

(Address: 65 – 67 Clyde Road
Browns Bay
New Zealand)

  • Please inquire about and include service fees at both ends – the payment end and the receiving end - for our reconciliation purposes.

  • Please give your name as reference.

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